The Best Canadian Steroid Labs


The Best Canadian Steroid Labs

One of the main questions we get here at CanadaPeds is whether we recommend our clients to use Syn Pharmaceuticals Steroids or Pharma Genix Steroids. The right answer is that you cannot go wrong with either! 

CanadaPeds’ intention is to be Canada’s best Steroid Source. It’s true that we carry Sarms and many other products, but we specialize in Canada domestic delivery of Anabolic Steroids. We understand that our clients like to have options and our job is to provide our clients with the best options possible. We work with the best steroid brands in Canada such as Syn Pharma and Pharma Genix so that we can provide our clients with not only the best steroids and sarms products, but also give them options. 

No matter the situation, certain clients will prefer to use one brand over another and vice versa. Syn Pharma is a well established Canadian steroid source with an extremely wide range of steroids, sarms and other products. Pharma Genix on the other hand, is a newer brand with outstanding presentation one time use 1ml ampoules. This is the same presentation that many International pharmaceutical grade steroid manufacturers use. 


Syn Pharmaceuticals 

Syn Pharma’s product list contains over 50 items. Syn Pharma’s injectable steroids are manufactured in 10ml Muti-use vials, while all the orals are in the format of hard pressed custom tablets.

The product categories of Syn Pharma are divided into the following categories:

Syn Pharma Injectable Steroids:

Testosterone Enanthate, Trenbolone Acetate, Deca Durabolin are amongst the more popular Anabolic Steroids manufactured by Syn Pharma Canada. SYN Pharma also manufactures a variety of blends, which contain more than 1 Anabolic Steroid in a single solution. 


Syn Pharma Oral Steroids:

Anavar, Dianabol, Winstrol and Turinabol are amongst the more popular Oral Steroids manufactured by Syn Pharmaceuticals.  


Syn Pharma Sarms:

Although Syn Pharma specializes in manufacturing Anabolic Steroids, they also have a complete line of Sarms. Sarms are very popular in 2021 and some may say that they are even more popular than oral steroids


Syn Pharma PCT/Anti-Estrogens: 

Post Cycle Therapy and Anti Estrogens are a must for any well established Canadian steroid manufacturer. Products such as Arimidex and Aromasin are needed on cycle to prevent gynecomastia and estrogen related side effects. Nolvadex and Clomid are also critically needed, as these are post cycle therapy compounds that need to be used at the end of a steroid cycle in order to ensure that the user recovers adequately! 

Syn Pharma Sexual assistance products:

Syn Pharma Canada also manufactures sexual assistance products. These are not needed by typical steroid users, but are just a bonus! 

Acne/Hairloss Products:

Products such as Finasteride are also a part of SYN Pharma’s product roaster. Hairloss is a side effect that many steroid users suffer from and therefore Finasteride is used quite frequently during the course of a steroid cycle. 

Accutane is manufactured for the purpose of tackling acne caused by hormone fluctuations. Many Steroid users in Canada, tend to suffer from heavy acne during the course of a steroid or even a sarms cycle. Hormone fluctuations can cause acne and accurate is a very potent compound that tackles acne. 


Pharma Genix Labs

Pharma Genix is an extremely high end Canadian Steroid manufacturer that currently manufacturers both oil based and injectable steroids. All of water based products manufactured by Pharma Genix are micronized in order to reduce post injection pain as much as possible. The oil based Steroids manufactured by Pharma Genix are made with USP grade cotton seed oil. All of the injectable steroids by Pharma Genix are placed in 1 time use ampoules, which reduces the risk of sharing vials and almost takes the risk of injections to zero.

Pharma Genix Injecatble

Pharma Genix injectables steroids include oil and water based injectable solutions. Testosterone Suspension and Winstrol are water based steroids, while the rest of the injectable are all oil based. Some of these injectable steroids include Trenbolone Acetate, Masteron Propionate, Equipoise and many others.


Pharma Genix Oral Steroids:

Pharma Genix Steroid products are all in the form of tablets. They include all the essential oral steroids that are employed for both cutting and bulking cycles.

Pharma Genix PCT/AntI-Estrogen Products:

Pharma Genix also manufacturer’s a complete line of anti estrogen and post cycle therapy products as a part of their versatile steroid line. As we previously explained, these compounds are absolutely necessary for both during and after a steroid or sarm cycle.


Which Canadian Steroid Lab to use?

Ultimately the decision is up to the client. Both Syn Pharma and Pharma Genix labs are extremely high-end and quality Canadian Steroid manufacturers. We at CanadaPeds, believe that no matter what, our clients should have multiple options. This is why we chose to represent two quality brands, as well as certain pharmaceutical-grade steroids.