About CanadaPeds

SYN Pharma, Pharma Genix Labs & Pharmaceutical Grade Steroids 

CanadaPeds was created in order to give Canadians a one-stop-shop for all their Steroids and performance enhancement requirements. Canada Peds’ priority is to provide Canadians with Anabolic Steroids from the best quality vendors and manufacturers. It is important to understand that typically steroids are categorized into two groups of providers: Pharmaceutical Grade Steroids and Underground Labs. Both of these categories must co-exist because many high-demand Steroids in Canada are not made by Pharmaceutical Grade manufacturers. As such, Steroids such as Trenbolone Acetate & Equipoise can only be obtained through a Canadian Underground Steroid manufacturer, such as SYN Pharma and Pharma Genix Labs It is extremely important for a prospective Canadian buyer to purchase Anabolic Steroids only through a reputable underground steroid supplier. At CanadaPeds, we have done the tedious process of thoroughly vetting and researching all the Canadian Steroid Suppliers and have selected only the absolute best brands to offer to our clients. SYN Pharmaceuticals is one of CanadaPeds’ top choices of an Underground Steroid Supplier. SYN Pharmaceuticals has stood the test of time, serving Canadians for upwards 10 years with an extremely wide array of Oral Steroids and Injectable Steroids. We are a firm believer that quality is only proven through consistency and SYN Pharmaceuticals has proven to be amongst one of the consistently high rated Steroid Labs in Canada. Pharma Genix Labs is CanadaPeds’ other supplier of Oral Steroids and Injectable Steroids in Canada. Pharma Genix is at the forefront of Canada’s steroid scene, with the most innovative and advanced packing and presentation. Pharma Genix is amongst one of the few elite Canadian Steroid sources capable of manufacturing single-dose ampoules, which mimic the presentation of Pharmaceutical Grade Steroid suppliers. 

Pharmaceutical Grade Steroids are the second category of products that we carry. CanadaPeds not only provides products from Canada’s highest quality Steroid Lab – (SYN Pharma & Pharma Genix Labs) but we also carry the largest inventory of Pharmaceutical Grade Steroids in Canada. The selection of Pharmaceutical Grade Steroids is limited, as many Steroids are simply not manufactured by Pharmaceutical Grade Suppliers. Though we have ensured that we carry all the Pharmaceutical Grade Steroids that are available through such manufacturers. In addition to Pharmaceutical Grade Steroids, we carry Pharmaceutical Grade support products for Steroid users in Canada. Such products include Raloxifene, Arimidex, & Nolvadex. These products are used very commonly throughout the course of a Steroid Cycle, and it is critical to obtain them through Pharmaceutical Grade Suppliers only!

Now that you have a clear understanding of why CanadaPeds is able to fulfill your complete requirements for during, before, and after the use of Anabolic Steroids, we will move on to our customer service!


We hope that at this point, we have demonstrated why CanadaPeds is the number one choice of Anabolic Steroids in Canada when it comes to quality. However, we also understand that our clients need to be able to purchase products fast and easily. Our website operates through a very simple add-to-cart system. All you need to do is add your products to your cart and check out! It really is that easy and simple. This can be done either on a desktop or mobile for your ease of convenience.

Ease of Making Payment

CanadaPeds accepts payment through Bitcoin and Email Money Transfer. In this day and age, many people are starting to adopt cryptocurrencies as a major form of fiat currency, and as a result, we are happy to be able to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. We are also able to accept Email Money Transfer as an alternative payment method for Canadians that are not accustomed to the use of Cryptocurrencies.  By accepting both Bitcoin and Email Money transfers, we are able to accommodate all Canadians with the ability to make payments with ease and convenience.

Customer Service

CanadaPeds ensures to respond to all emails and inquiries within 2 business days – 24-48 hours. Most emails are responded to within 24 hours, but it may take up to 48 hours to receive a response. Our professional team will be happy to address all your concerns, whether it is related to shipping, payment, products, or anything else. Although carrying the best quality Steroids is of paramount importance, we also understand the importance of quality and fast customer service.

Domestic & Fast Shipping

CanadaPeds was designed specifically to supply Canadians with the best quality Steroids fast and hassle-free. Perhaps the biggest advantage of ordering Steroids from CanadaPeds is that we ship directly from Canada. That’s right, domestic shipping. There is no need to worry about your products crossing the border. In the past, Canadians were forced to shop with International vendors which inconvenient payment methods such as Western Union. To make matters worse, there was never any guarantee of even receiving your Steroids! Many packs are seized at Canada Customs and if not, at times it could take weeks or possibly months in order to receive a package.

We ship Canada Domestic Anabolic Steroids ONLY. You can expect your order to be delivered within just a few business days through CanadaPost. Shipping is done through CanadaPost’s Xpress Post service which comes with a tracking number so that you can monitor the status of your package and ensure that the delivery date matches your schedule. We are able to ship to any address as long as it is in Canada (residential address, apartment, commercial address, PO box, and even flex delivery). We do not ship outside of Canada. When you order from CanadaPeds, you will never have to worry about not receiving a package or an unexpected package landing at your designated address when you are not home.

Discreet & Confidential Shipping

We understand that many Steroid users prefer to keep their use private. You can order with us in confidence, knowing that your package will be shipped in a discreet manner without any indications of the contents inside. Furthermore, we will never include a paper invoice within your package. It will be completely impossible for anyone to know what is inside your package by looking at it. When you order with CanadaPeds, you will receive the highest quality products, fast shipping, superb customer service & maintain full confidentiality. All of our servers are encrypted and we ensure to completely delete all client information every 90 days. You can rest assured that names and shipping addresses are never stored for prolonged periods of time. 

Please check out our FAQ section for more details about CanadaPeds.